Six Ways to Locate a Quality Texas Pool Builder

1. Do some research to locate how long the pool company has been in business, THEN call the company and ask them how long they have been building pools. Their answer should reflect your research.

2. Ask about how they minimize damage to backyard property when building the pool. An experienced pool company will be able to talk your ear off about such practices because they have dealt with many types of backyard shapes, sizes, geometries, and make some mistakes along the way.

3. Ask if they provide any type of pool school for new pool owners. This will be exceptionally useful for you after you take the reigns on your new swimming pool or spa.

4. Find out what the company uses contractors for and what they use internal employees for. This will show you the depth of their construction network. Larger more connected companies will have more employees on staff to handle the various phases of the pool build project.

5. Call and ask for an emailed copy of their warranty for new pools. Check that it includes information about the pool shell, pool surface material, pool equipment, decking, coping and spa. If anything is not explicitly mentioned, find out why.

6. Ask how their pool suppliers are. An established company will be able to mention several names without hesitation because they have built long standing relationships. A company without a firm network will be in a constant state of shuffle from one supplier to another.

Don't forget, each year the Pool Spa News network ranks the top 50 builders using their own proprietary methods.